Gas Prices Fall in Los Angeles Area

Prices May Have Peaked Nationwide. Check below for the best gas deals in Baldwin Park.

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The average price of gasoline in the greater Los Angeles area dropped seven cents to 4.27 per gallon of self-serve regular over the past two weeks and the price of gas nationwide may have peaked, according to a national survey of gas prices.

The U.S. average retail price of regular grade gas increased 3.7 cents to just under 3.97 per gallon as of Friday, the smallest increase since early January, said Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey, which monitors prices at 2,500 retailers.

"There's been great variety in what was going on around the country with some sizeable price hikes and several declines, especially in the Midwest and West," Lundberg said Monday.

The Los Angeles and Chicago markets both experienced price decreases and those markets tend to be among the highest in the country. Chicago saw its prices for regular gas drop 11 cents in the past two weeks to 4.45 per gallon - the highest price in the nation, Lundberg said.

"It may or may not portend a drop for the total gas market in the United States," she said. "If crude oil prices slip or do not rise, then this is it for the national price hike."

Gas prices in the survey's greater Los Angeles area, which includes gas stations in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, have dropped a little over 8 cents over the past month, Lundberg said.

To find the best gas deals in the Baldwin Park area, go to this interactive map that shows the best current deals for gas nearby.

The best price Tuesday was $4.16 a gallon at , at 3660 Puente Ave, Baldwin Park, CA.

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