Walnuts Improve Sperm Quality, Study Finds

An acid found in nuts helps improve the quality of sperm, according to a new study by UCLA researchers.

Men who want to improve the quality of their sperm should eat a couple of  handfuls of tree nuts before sex, as an acid found in nuts apparently improves sperm quality, UCLA researchers are reporting.

``Women are not the only ones who should be paying attention to what they eat when they are '' said Wendie Robbins, a UCLA nursing  professor and lead author of the paper.

A School of Nursing research paper, published in the journal ``Biology of  Reproduction,'' reported on a UCLA study of the effect of walnuts on men consuming traditional western-style diets.

Over 12 weeks, 117 men were divided into two groups, and 75 grams of walnuts was eaten by half the men. The others avoided nuts.

``We found a significant improvement in sperm parameters in the group that consumed the walnuts,'' Robbins said. ``The men who ate no tree nuts saw no change.''

The robust sperm are the apparent result of a-linolenic acid, also called Omega-3, a compound that is found in tree nuts.

UCLA is now going to measure conception rates for couples at fertility clinics, and feed walnuts to some of the potential fathers, the school said.

- City News Service

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Sameer Alqubaty August 20, 2012 at 08:08 PM
all kinds of nuts not just walnuts...tried and succeeded.


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