Disorders, Collisions Reported During Holiday Period in Baldwin Park

The Baldwin Park Police reported 12 public safety incidents from 7:00 p.m. on July 3 to 7:00 a.m Thursday July 5th.

The Baldwin Park Police Department reported at least 12 public safety incidents since Tuesday July 3. Reports include -amongst others- four traffic collisions and two reports of public disorder, before and after the Fourth of July celebration. 

The Police Department reports for the evening of July 3 and morning of July 5 can be found on the crimereports website.

There were reports of "shots heard" at 12700 block of Dalewood Street, one case of public intoxication close to Francisquito Avenue and Vineland, and one assault with a deadly weapon at 14100 Block of Havenbrook street.

Police also reported one juvenile runaway, one person arrested and one case of domestic violence.

Date/Time  Address  Crime Type  7/3/12 19:20 VINELAND AV & BADILLO ST  Traffic Collision Non Injury 7/3/12 21:38 FRANCISQUITO AV & VINELAND AV  Intoxication 7/3/12 22:23 15000 Block RAMONA BLVD  Traffic Collision Hit and Run 7/4/12 4:13 14400 Block BRESEE AV  Family Offense  / Domestic Violence 7/4/12 7:13 4600 Block HARLAN AV  Disorder  7/4/12 8:32 14100 Block HAVENBROOK ST  Assault with Deadly Weapon  7/4/12 9:54 PACIFIC AV & VINELAND AV  Traffic Stop / Car impounded 7/4/12 11:45 4800 Block MARION AV  Missing Person / Runaway Juvenile 7/4/12 18:47 4200 Block HARLAN AV  Warrant Arrest 7/4/12 19:54 3900 Block BALDWIN PARK BLVD  Disorder  7/4/12 22:03 12700 Block DALEWOOD ST  Weapons Offense  7/4/12 22:22 FRANCISQUITO & SIESTA  Traffic Collision - Unknow Injury 7/5/12 1:39 12900 Block BESS AV  Disorder  Boy and Girl involved 7/5/12 2:23 13500 Block LOS ANGELES ST  Traffic Collision - Unknow Injury 7/5/12 2:25 BESS AV & GARVEY AV  Traffic Stop

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