Driver Slightly Injured After Accident In Vineland And Merced

The driver of one of the vehicles was transported to a local hospital after complaining of feeling pain.

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An accident that took place Monday afternoon on the intersection of Merced Ave. and Vineland Ave., left one person injured and caused traffic congestion for a short period in the area.

According to Lt. David Reynoso, spokesperson of the Baldwin Park Police, the incident was reported around 2:30 pm. At least two cars were involved in the accident.

Authorities did not release any details about the direction in which the vehicles were headed.

According to Reynoso, only one of the drivers was transported to a local hospital, after complaining of having some pain.

Traffic in the area was affected by several minutes, according to readers who wrote to Patch reporting the incident.

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lex Luther October 23, 2012 at 03:40 AM
2nd accident at that intersection, that I've seem.
Richard October 23, 2012 at 03:39 PM
That intersection has been a problem for a long time. There is no left turn lane. People take chances and cut each other off. It doesn't help that the kids, going and coming, to school don't know how to cross the street properly. They keep crossing the street even when the don't walk sign is flashing. Yesterday, at the accident, some of the kids crossed even after the light turned yellow. They did it right in front of all those cops and nothing was said to them.


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