Police still on the lookout for shooting suspects

Three suspects robbed a man and shot an eyewitness last Thursday.

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The continues Friday night the search for three suspects who attacked a man and shot an eyewitness during a shooting that took place near the intersection of Ramona Boulevard and Foster Avenue. 

According to Lt. David Reynoso, spokesperson for the police department, the suspects tried to rob a man while they beat him and also shot a driver that witnessed the attack.

Authorities said the incident took place around 11:30 Thursday night when a scuffle was reported in the parking lot close to Ramona Boulevard and Foster Avenue. 

The suspects began to beat the victim of approximately 20 years of age and asked him for his money, authorities said. 

A security guard near the place heard the victim scream and came to his aid.

The suspects noticed the security guard’s presence and fled in a black Escalade van along Ramona Boulevard. 

Before all this occurred, a motorist who alerted authorities about the incident was shot by one of the suspects but did not sustain any injuries. No more details were provided concerning the incident. 

The police ask anyone that has information to contact the Baldwin Police at 626-960-1955. 


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