UPDATE: Teen Girl Killed in Crash Identified

The crash on the transition road from the northbound San Gabriel (605) Freeway to the eastbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway was reported at 12:01 a.m., CHP Officer Aaron Santelcas said.

This article was revised at 3:12 p.. Nov. 25, 2012, to add details. The girl who died is now listed as 17 years old, per the county coroner.

A vehicle crashed and overturned on a San Gabriel (605) Freeway transition early Sunday, claiming the life of a 17-year-old girl and severely injuring the 20-year-old driver, CHP authorities said.

Ashley Ruth Garcia, of Bell in southeast Los Angeles County, died at the scene, said Los Angeles County Coroner's Lt. Larry Dietz.

The crash at the eastbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway interchange was reported at 12:01 a.m., California Highway Patrol Officer Aaron Santelcas said.

"The driver was traveling at a high rate of speed,'' Santelcas said.

The 1995 Honda Del Sol went off an embankment and through a fence, landing on its roof, the officer said.

Paramedics rushed the motorist, a 20-year-old man from Bell, to Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center with major injuries.

A condition report was not available Sunday afternoon.

jorge garcia November 28, 2012 at 04:07 PM
We can't blame anything on anybody in till he wakes up but even if it was for high speed its not his falt the guy loved my sister he even promised her that they won't ever leave eachother he got her everthing and all that and my sister the happyest girl of her life so for all those people thinking that he wanted to do this you guys are wrong you guys don't even know him like I do I went to school with him never did drugs or drink he was a hard work love you ashley and luis hang in my sister takeing care of you I heart you guys
W. Rango November 29, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Driving at high speeds and especially in the middle of the night is careless it could have been provented. I know both families Luis always raced up and down the same block she lived in careless of what anyone said the Bell Police were notified of his extreme driving but since the family of the deceased knew someone in the Bell police department the vehicle was not impounded , and this was before she died. And because of this incident and how the family is affiliated with Bell Police Department and how the family gets away with the law, Los Angeles County Sherrifs will soon take over the Bell Police Department
D Garcia Deleon January 11, 2013 at 10:08 AM
U need to mind your own business and what your saying are lies cuz he would not race down the street or he would not drive fast with her in the car and she did not live n a careless environment and just cuz u new me and went to my moms house once or twice doesn't mean you know my family so it's best u stop running ur mouth and if u something to say u know where I live.... Always and forever Ashley we love u....
Carmen Perez January 11, 2013 at 12:50 PM
How can people be so ignorance people need to start living there own life and stop woring about there own know one can judge any actions about this accident if you were not a witness then mind your own biussness let the family grief on there lost respect like any other human been would this couple were very happy and in love for any of them two to hurt them self it's just sad that God took a beautiful young women too soon but only God know why it's not careless it's God action we don't know why but one day we will Ashley Garcia was a wonderful person one she will take care of her family and friends one that her family ment the world to her and last but not least one that LOVE her best friend her MOTHER that loves all of her children that take good care of all of them and yes BELL PD do know this family very well for the reason of all the years they have live in bell and I don't think that the family grief it's not breaking the law that's why BELL PD know to respect and act like human been and let this family heal of there lost so just mind your own biussness always love you ASHLEY are angel <3
D Garcia Deleon January 11, 2013 at 05:24 PM
Hallilua well said Tia Carmen I was gonna write some more this morning I was tired last night but anyways this vitcha thinks I don't know her well I do her names Wendy and she needs to get the hell out of bell and go back to Compton where her and her family belong 10 yes ain't shit to compare my whole life that I lived here and she ain't no one to be talking crap about Luis he's a respectful guys and neverment to harm Ashley they where n love and engage that was his diamond girl and she loved him as well this was an accident. And so what if has a y car he would race in a track not on the street and not with her in it so this vitcha needs too shut up and stop calling the cops and if they don't line noise they need to move cuz when th Indian ppl lived her they never called them cuz they where Adriane they where gonna have a bullet up thier ass... And so what if we know Bell P.D where well known and we know the sheriffs as well this vitcha what Lil dose she know....


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