Three People Arrested in Baldwin Park Shooting and Car Chase

The incident is the third car chase involving the Baldwin Park Police in less than a week.

Two men and a juvenile were arrested in connection with a gang-related shooting after leading Baldwin Park police officers on a high speed chase on Sunday, reported the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

This incident comes just four days after Police did a PITT maneuver on a stolen car suspect in Baldwin Park causing his vehicle to flip over, as reported by CBS.

The PITT maneuver is a pursuit tactic by which a pursuing vehicle can force a fleeing vehicle to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop.

That same day, The Baldwin Park Police led a police chase that ended in the city of West Covina.  One suspect was arrested in front of Edgewood High School. 

In Sunday's incident, Miguel Salazar, 20, of Rosemead, and Adrian Hernandez, 19, of Azusa, as well as a juvenile were arrested and charged with shooting at an inhabited dwelling, gang allegations and vehicle theft, according to the Tribune.

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