Alcohol To Be Allowed In Events At Community Center

A proposal is in motion to allow consumption of alcohol at the Center, when it is rented for private parties by residents.

Baldwin Park City Council members approved on Wednesday an administrative proposal to allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages at Julia McNeill Senior Center, whenever the location is rented for private events.

According to Manuel Carrillo, Director of Recreation and Community Services, the measure would give residents another option when looking for venues to host parties or events, offering an establishment with larger attendance capacity that previously did not allow the consumption of alcohol on the premises.

Approval for the first presentation of the measure was given on Wednesday. If it is ratified again on September 19th, it could be applied 30 days after that date.

According to a memorandum sent by Carrillo to Council members, rental requests for the Julia McNeill Center and the Arts and Recreation Center (ARC) continued to be numerous, in spite of the current economic situation.

The ARC, which has a capacity for 150 people and where alcohol consumption is allowed, has a higher demand than the McNeil Center, which has capacity for 250 people.

"If the Julia McNeill Center is approved to serve alcohol, additional revenue will be generated through reservations for weddings receptions, Quinceañera parties and other celebrations which generaly serve alcohol," explained Carrillo.

If the measure is approved again, it would become effective on October 20.

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