Assemblyman Hernandez Introduces Native American Day Bill

The democratic assemblyman wants a state holiday on the second Monday in October, the day Columbus Day is observed.

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez is pushing a bill that would establish Native American Day as a state holiday on the same day Columbus Day is recognized.

The democratic lawmaker, whose district includes Baldwin Park and West Covina, introduced the legislation Monday.

Gov. Brown annually proclaims the fourth Friday of September as Native American Day, while Columbus Day is recognized as a state holiday on the second Monday of October.

Hernandez said in a press release that his bill is "inspired by the recognition that the so-called discover of the Americas by Columbus eventually led to the genocide of Native Americans."

“Columbus Day is still recognized in California, despite the egregious actions taken against Native American people” said Hernandez.

The proposed legislation would give proper respect and recognition to the state's Native American nations, he said.

Assembly Bill 55 calls for making Native American Day a state holiday on the second Monday in October and would require the governor to proclaim it as such.

The day would be an official state holiday and would require state agencies to close.  Government employees would be allowed to take a paid day off on the holiday.

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Kipipi January 09, 2013 at 10:37 AM
We have a winner? LOL We are suffering from no jobs, poor healthcare, schools in economic shambles, gun control, people suffering right before his eyes and he is using his time AND the time of his staff to work on and lobby for another day recognizing somebody. Help - Assemblyman Hernandez!!!!!!!
bobby bona January 13, 2013 at 03:48 PM
I wouldnt push this thing mr Hernandez we dont wanna see our heritage attacked. And your spanish you have a soft spot for indians? Why dont you push for a latino day and leave columbus out of it? Or make it a different day do not deliberately put it on the same day as our holiday like your replacing it
Amicosempre January 19, 2013 at 07:22 PM
How can you blame genocide on Columbus? Just because he discovered America does not make him responsible for others actions. What are you doing for the native americans? Are you helping them get jobs and have food on their table or just using this to promote yourself while tearing down another ethnic group. YES, ethnic group because I'm tired of being lumped into the "WHITE" catagory while other ethnicities get to claim their heritage of asian, latino, black etc. Why aren't you out being a help for the economy and people being able to afford to live rather than worrying about taking a day of celebration from one group and creating another? Where are you true priorites?


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