City Council Approves Reductions in Personnel and Service Programs

On Monday, the Council gave green light to look into the option of outsourcing police services.

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The city of Baldwin Park would save approximately $938,000 during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, after approving a motion to reduce City personnel as well as elimination and cuts in recreational and service programs for residents.

Due to a budget deficit projected at more than a million dollars, the City has been forced to analyze long- and short-term solutions to balance the budget.

Among these measures, there is the possibility of as well as raising local taxes to increase revenue.

On Monday, the Council gave green light to look into the option of outsourcing police services.

City Administrator Vijay Singhal declined to specify how many jobs would be eliminated in order to reach the $600,000 in estimated savings that these layoffs would accomplish.

The rest of the savings will be generated through reduction or elimination of various city programs, such as Independence Day fireworks, summer concerts, pedestrian crossing guards, holiday recreational events and youth programs.

According to Singhal, even though the city has a $5-million-dollar reserve fund, actions must be taken immediately and in the long run to avoid depleting that money.

The city has reached this point because of a reduction in revenue due to the economic recession, the increase of retirement and pension costs, and the dissolution of redevelopment agencies.

Vice Mayor Susan Rubio asked the administrative staff to find ways to improve economic development in the city as an alternative to the cuts.

"I always said, people can't be replaced, services can. My concern is to have everybody employed but we also have to see what the budget allow us to do", Rubio said.

Authorities declined to provide the effective dates for personnel cuts.

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Sally Wieck July 04, 2012 at 10:53 AM
A million dollar shortfall and a five million dollar reserve account? This is very confusing. Removing one million dollars from the reserve it would still hold enough for a "rainy day". Removing programs is acceptable, but we need people to have jobs. If removing one million from the five million, how would that hurt us?


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