City Council Set To Reject More Civil Claims For Damages

Since January, at least 16 formal complaints, which are a precursor to civil suits, have been presented to the City Council.

Four more claims for damages against the , which in some cases could precede a civil suit, might be rejected on Wednesday by the City Council, according to the public agenda in the City's website.

With these new claims, the city now has a total of 16 since January, according to public records. There were five claims in January, two in February, one in March and four in April.

Patch attempted to contact the City's Human Resources Department, which is in charge of processing these claims, for a statement and details, but did not get an answer.

According to published documents that suggest the dismissal of the claims, there is a complaint by Peter Yang, manager of the , asking for $1,300 in retribution for alleged damages caused by officers to a door and electric key system in a room.

The other three claims allege personal or property damages caused by a lack of maintenance to city streets and sidewalks.

A review of the previously filed complaints show peculiar cases, such as a man whose car was taken for 30 days for a suspended license, when he claims that it was only "restricted."

His car was auctioned when he couldn't pay the amount due.

Another person alleges to have been arrested "unfairly" for possession of marijuana and to have his car towed. The man said that he had a medical marijuana card and that a judge rejected the charges against him.

In February, the City Council also rejected a claim by someone who allegedly was bitten by a police dog in Redlands.

The attached documents show more details about claims presented against the City.

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