Deal For Monrovia In-N-Out Officially Sunk

A plan to bring an In-N-Out to a plot of land near Home Depot officially fell through.

Monrovia's In-N-Out burger ambitions hadn't looked good since property negotiations ended in June, and now city officials  say that the deal to bring Double-Doubles from the Baldwin Park company to Monrovia is officially dead.

announced its intentions to purchase a piece of Home Depot's land to build a drive-thru restaurant, but negotiations with the home improvement company have now been completely abandoned, according to the Pasadena Star-News.

The burger company already , so it is unclear from the Star-News report if any talks had ever been rekindled.

"Unfortunately, we did have a few challenges come up with that location and we’re not moving forward on it at this time," wrote In-N-Out spokesman Carl Van Fleet in an email to Patch in June. "We still absolutely want to be in Monrovia but, right now, I really can’t speculate as to the timing."

In-N-Out is still looking at other sites in town and the city is working to connect property owners with the company, the Star-News reports.

DKat January 25, 2012 at 07:15 AM
I am not surprised -- I have been working diligently to locate a real estate for development in opening a Norm's Restaurant in or around this area; Arcadia, Monrovia, Temple City, ever since it's closure of the Alhambra location. However, I just learned Monrovia would prefer to allow the opening of a Zen Buffet Asian restaurant in the old Macaroni Grill location on Huntington Drive (next to the now closed Baja Fresh) rather than granting Norm's to open there. Prior to that, I had looked into the old Spire's Restaurant location. However, a deal could not be made and the Spire's restaurant building was torn down to make way for (really, do we need another) free standing Chase Bank. When I approached Norm's of the possibility of opening in the now vacant Acapulco's Restaurant location, it was brought to my attention that the city of Monrovia made it very clear that they would not allow Norm's to open in the area. It appears the City of Monrovia has an elitist mentality agenda and a poor approach toward viable and economic retail development objectives. I am not surprised that Monrovia is making it difficult for curtain business to open in their city.
DKat January 25, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Monrovia is making it difficult for curtain business "Types" to open in their city. Perhaps, Monrovia is afraid of the type of "customers" (if this is really the issue) that would patronize the establishments. However, the revenue of a 24/7 restaurant such as Norm's restaurant would be a huge asset to the community for all. The city would generate more revenue from Norm's than it will from a Zen Buffet. Sadly, the only other option is Denny's, LeRoy's, and Mini's Cafe; only Denny's in Arcadia is 24/7 but lacks the quality of food that a Norm's would offer. But if Monrovia would rather lose revenue to Arcadia to Denny's than allowing Norm's to open, then I guess Monrovia is clearly demonstrating their lack of understanding of fair competition for badly needed revenue. How much revenue is Monrovia collecting from all the restaurants on Myrtle, in downtown Monrovia. Perhaps a few are doing well while a number of other are floundering. I brand new Indian restaurant just opened up on the corner of Foothill and Myrtle; does Monrovia care that they'll close before the year is up? By the way, why did the Mediterranean grocery store finally go out of business - located on Foothill?


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