Display of Banners May Cost Car Wash Owner $5,500

Give us your opinion. Should the City fine businesses for banner displays?

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A car wash owner in Pacific Avenue has been told by the City of Baldwin Park he needed permits to display four banner signs and that he owes $5,500 in unpaid citations for those banners, reported the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The newspaper story published last Tuesday, states that Amit Asher, owner of Pacific Car Wash located on Pacific Avenue, just across from the , received a letter ordering to remove a roof-mounted sign because it needs a building permit.

The owner said to the SGV Tribune that code enforcement has been visiting him "for nonsense," and he wrote back to the City saying that sign has been up for 40 years.

"They have hassled me to the point where I don't know what to do," he said.

The city said it will investigate Asher's claim that other businesses have been allowed to maintain similar signs since regulations are consistent throughout the city, according to the newspaper.

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