Finance Director Denies Resignation Accusations

Lorena Quijano said she has nothing to hide and that a better job opportunity is the reason for her departure.

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Baldwin Park Finance Director told Patch on Friday that the reasons for her departure are purely professional, and had nothing to do with the criticism leveled at the presented costs of the Police Department.

"It was a personal decision and I am just pursuing another career opportunity, and that is pretty much it," said Quijano to Patch. "I accepted another position in another city on the westside, I live in there and it is a personal choice, it's just another opportunity in my career," she added.

Quijano's resignation raised some criticism from residents, who suspected the reason could be that she had allegedly altered the real costs of the Police Department.

Gregg Tuttle, a resident of the city, had presented a formal complaint to be filed with the California Board of Accountancy, claiming that an independent CPA had found "falsifications" in the information.

"One person I heard for years saying all negative comments is not going to make me resign," said Quijano. "I can't do anything about our Police costs, they basically are what they are," she added.

The data was also questioned by Councilman Ricardo Pacheco, who believed it was not entirely accurate. Pacheco also criticized Quijano's resignation coming at a "critical time" for the city.

"Unfortunately, you cannot time opportunities presented to you, it's a personal decision," said Quijano.

The cost analysis for the Police Department was done because the city faces a projected budget deficit of $1 million for the upcoming  fiscal year, and consideration has been given to dismantling the department and hiring the County Sheriff.

"Unfortunately we have a budget gap," Quijano said. "We want to maintain our police department but we either increase our revenue significantly or we have to find alternatives."

Quijano said her last day at work will be December 26th. "I have nothing to hide," she said.

"Baldwin Park is a great community. I thank the City Council for the opportunity, I enjoyed working with them and the rest of the team," she added.

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