Loyal Labrador to be Reunited With Owner Late Tuesday

The dog became the center of international attention after video footage surfaced showing her standing guard over a fatally injured dog last week.

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The r that became "a rock star'' when she was found on a busy La Puente street guarding a dog killed by a hit-and-run driver were expected to pick her up from the today and take her home.

The black Labrador, whose name is Maggie, had been named Grace by workers at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. She became the center of international attention .

A good Samaritan spotted the dog on Hacienda Boulevard and placed traffic cones around the animal and the fatally injured yellow Labrador she was trying to protect. He called animal control workers, then

The black Labrador had no identification tag and no microchip to identify her owners Animal control workers retrieved the dead dog and the black Labrador, then circulated the photos and video to news media, and the story garnered international attention.

"She's a rock star,'' said Capt. Aaron Reyes of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. ``You know what I think makes her so famous is just her display of compassion and loyalty. She sat there with her buddy ...''

The good Samaritan who took measures to protect Maggie in La Puente was supposed to have adopted her Monday afternoon, but the dog's owners surfaced before that could happen. Reyes said they provided documentation that showed Maggie is theirs.

They were expected to take the dog home today after authorities inspect their property, Reyes said. The owners, whose names were not being released publicly, will be issued citations for having an unregistered dog and for allowing the animal to run loose, he said.

Reyes said the owners wanted to stay out of the media spotlight. He described them as ``very private'' and embarrassed.''

Sandy Waldman April 17, 2012 at 09:32 PM
I am outraged that animal control would release this dog to these irresponsible owners. They were embarrassed to come forward!...that alone speak volumes about their caring and compassion! Did they take ownership of the Yellow Lab, or is that an embarrassment too? The "good" samaritan" that protected her in the street, should be allowed to take this "baby" to good home!
Grandma April 18, 2012 at 03:33 PM
More than an outrage! Have yet to 'see' the owners!? I hope they talked to the neighbors about this dog....is it outside all day/night? Cup of food every day? No water, or it's spilled? Does 'Maggie' get attention? Is she part of the family, or a yard ornament? Dogs understand alot more than they're given credit for!


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