Police Union Asks For "Transparency" In Possible Contract With Sheriff

BPOA members plan to appear at the City Council meeting today, along with several members of the community, to question the current process.

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Members of the Baldwin Park Police Officers Association (BPOA) plan to be present at City Hall for this Wednesday's City Council meeting, to demand answers and more "transparency" about the possible contract to be made ​​with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The BPOA, which sees as imminent that the police force will be dismantled, has said it is not opposed to the possibility of transitioning public safety services to the Sheriff.

However, they want to ask the Council to be more transparent in the process. Currently the City is awaiting the results of a study on the feasibility of hiring the services of the County. 

The second study, which could be completed this month or in early March, will determine when the City makes its final decision.

According to Jesse Melgar, spokesman for the BPOA, the union has been recruiting members and community leaders to speak during the public comments section at the meeting on Wednesday, February 6.

"They are expecting a big turnout from cross-sections of the community. They will all be asking the City Council to answer some serious questions and encourage transparency," Melgar said.

The meeting will be held in City Hall, at 14403 Pacific Avenue, and it starts at 7:00 pm.

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Blue Knight February 18, 2013 at 05:20 AM
Do WHATEVER it takes to keep the lying thieving LASD from taking over your police department. Do a legal search for Coker v Los Angeles County BC462419...Esparza V Los Angeles County BC467130...READ our allegations. The Sheriff and His underlings will phuck you all!!! Background officers directed County Police officers reporting for background interviews to a frigging broom closet and then laughed at them. One background officer told a County Police officer's wife that he admitted having an affair during his background interview. Almost 100% of our officers were required to submit to more than THREE polygraphs. DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING. Once it is done the Sheriff will take everything back. The County will deny you ALL your seniority.


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