Baldwin Park Councilwoman Criticized In Roger Hernandez's Case

Councilmembers and school officials criticized Marlen Garcia's request for the resignation of Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, spurred by recent allegations of domestic violence.

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Minutes before the press conference in which Baldwin Park Councilwoman  Marlen Garcia was set to ask for the resignation of State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, objections to her position were made ​​by several elected officials.

According to the written statement sent to Patch by members of Hernandez's reelection campaign in response to the allegations, two councilmembers and two officials of the Baldwin Park Unified School District strongly criticized Garcia's actions.

Mayor Pro Tem Susan Rubio called the allegations baseless and strongly criticized her colleague, saying she should "be ashamed for casting the first stone without giving the Assemblymember the opportunity to prove himself."

Meanwhile, Garcia gave little thought to the comments and even accused Rubio of being involved personally with Hernandez, and thus defending him.

"Susan Rubio is dating Roger Hernandez, as simple as that. Why she would not be defending him? I would prefer that she joined my cause," Garcia added. 

"She said today that supports women. Is that how she does it? Spreading gossip about other women?" Rubio told Patch.

Joining the the criticism was Councilman Ricardo Pacheco, who said he was "concerned" about Garcia judging Assemblyman Hernandez before he can defend himself in the justice system. "How appropriate that on Halloween Councilmember Garcia wants to conduct a witch-hunt," Pacheco said.

Blanca Rubio, from the Baldwin Park School District, said "In this country, we do not rush to judgment without giving anyone the right to defend themselves."

Hernandez's campaign office issued another statement after the press conference saying that event was orchestrated by Sheila McNichols, the campaign manager for Hernandez's opponent.

Garcia's resignation request came after an emergency restraining order was issued against Hernandez by a woman who claimed she had been involved in a fight with him.

The order is related to an incident in July, where Hernandez allegedly injured the woman "after beating her with a belt and slamming her against a wall."

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Baldwin Park LIVE! December 07, 2012 at 06:56 PM
I think in close circles people know who you are. Roger Hernandez is a shady character and while he plays the role of a "Mr. Nice guy" he is what politicians are today: CROOKED! Councilwoman Garcia should be applauded for he efforts to protect the city while some people with vested , external interest protect the neighboring politicians...Once Again the infamous scandal ridden City of Baldwin Park has people in office that defend other city interest.. Shame on them. We need more people that defend Baldwin Park that actually care about the city and not who they are dating..


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