In-N-Out Wins Best Burger in Baldwin Park

Two surveys conducted by Patch Latino show the restaurant, established in 1948, is the overwhelming choice among competitors' succulent offerings.

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Baldwin Park residents are loyal to their roots, and this week they chose the restaurant founded in this city as the best place to eat burgers in the area.

Patch Latino surveyed its readers for this report and, in Baldwin Park, residents not only favored In-N-Out among those who sell the best burgers, but also in a survey against its biggest national rival, Five Guys, which opened just 2.5 miles from where the first "double-double" burgers were first offered. 

in the city, took 63 percent of the vote, leaving , and in the dust with only 4 percent of the vote.

the Virginia burger giant with more than 40 U.S. and Canadian restaurants, 70 percent of the vote went to In-N-Out, with only 23 percent of the vote going to the relative newcomer, which opened its first burger joint in 1986 and now has 750 locations in the United States and Canada.

"In-N-Out, of course! I grew up in Southern California and they were, and forever, will be my choice. Good food, good service and good price," said , in a comment on our story. 

For many, it comes as no surprise that Baldwin Park residents would vote for the In-N-Out chain, and from where the ingredients are distributed for its famous cheeseburger. 

Stay tuned to Patch Latino for next week's survey.


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