Baldwin Park Unified Raised Academic Performance Index

Only four schools in the district did not meet their API growth targets.

The Baldwin Park Unified School District raised its Academic Performance Index (API) score from 751 to 767 and only four schools in the district did not meet their growth targets.

The California Department of Education (CDE) released API scores Thursday.

According to the CDE, API reports provide information about whether schools meet state requirements under the Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) of 1999.

Sierra Vista High School boasts the highest API score increase in the district. Its score jumped 30 points from 701 last year to 736.

De Anza Elementary, Elwin Elementary, Margaret Heath Elementary and   Pleasant View Elementary did not meet their growth target.

Although Baldwin Park High School increase its API from 712 to 722, not all students group met their API target, according to the report.

Check the table for the complete results for each school.


Met grow target?

2012 Growth  2011 Base  2011-12 Growth  School-wide All Student Groups  Both Schoolwide BALDWIN PARK UNIFIED 

Elementary Schools

  Central Elementary  750 735 15 Yes  Yes  Yes   Charles Bursch Elementary  799 771 28 Yes  Yes  Yes   De Anza Elementary  788 810 -22 No  No  No   Elwin Elementary  758 776 -18 No  No  No   Ernest R. Geddes Elementary  852 838 14 Yes  Yes  Yes   Foster Elementary  830 821 9 Yes  Yes  Yes   Kenmore Elementary  833 803 30 Yes  Yes  Yes   Margaret Heath Elementary  770 779 -9 No  No  No   Pleasant View Elementary  781 783 -2 No  No  No   Santa Fe Elementary  884 867 17 Yes  Yes  Yes   Tracy Elementary  761 763 -2 No  No  No   Vineland Elementary  824 827 -3 Yes  Yes  Yes   Walnut Elementary  832 843 -11 Yes  Yes  Yes Middle Schools

  Charles D. Jones Junior High  745 727 18 Yes  Yes  Yes   Jerry D. Holland Middle  757 732 25 Yes  Yes  Yes   Olive Middle  782 755 27 Yes  Yes  Yes   Sierra Vista Junior High  808 783 25 Yes  Yes  Yes High Schools

  Baldwin Park High  722 712 10 Yes  No  No   Opportunities For Learning - Baldwin Par  694 668 26 Yes  No  No   Opportunities for Learning - Baldwin Par  718 699 19 Yes  Yes  Yes   Sierra Vista High  736 701 35 Yes  No  No ASAM Schools

  North Park Continuation High  527
65 Yes  Yes  Yes 

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