Local Students to Re-enact Scenes from 'Hunger Games'

The students are part of the THINK Together Program, one of the leading and largest nonprofit providers of extended-learning time programs.

Close to 200 middle school students from the Mountain View and , will take part this week in the Celebration of Summer Learning events, one of which will include students and teachers re-enacting a scene from the popular “Hunger Games” book.

The students are part of the THINK Together Program, one of the leading and largest nonprofit providers of extended-learning time programs (early literacy, after-school, small group tutoring, summer learning, etc.) in the U.S.

“We decided to focus the whole summer program on a book,” said CynDee Zandes, chief program officer for THINK Together. “We wanted the kids to be more involved in the vetting and the development of curriculum and they chose ‘The Hunger Games.’”

Each student is given a copy of the first book in the three-part series to read and conduct a literary analysis. Also, the children and staff dress as characters from the book and re-enact scenes.

The book tells a universal story about how people need to take care of each other and battle against the corruptions of government, Zandes said.

On Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m, Madrid Middle School staff will conduct  “The Hunger Games Show,” which will incorporate a pop quiz segment.

The “tributes,” as they are called in the book, will be selected via a reaping to represent their districts in a competitive setting. The Game Show will serve as a platform to showcase the students’ learning, while engaging them in an entertaining yet academically enriched environment.

The Tributes will compete to earn rations for their districts to enjoy, while celebrating their victory. Throughout the Hunger Games Show, student commercials will preview projects and activities scheduled for the Hunger Games Culminating Event scheduled on July 17.

Ed Carlson, THINK Together’s senior quality assurance coach, said incorporating the Hunger Games concept into the curriculum has been a hit with the kids.

“Because of the popularity of the whole story of ‘Hunger Games,’ the book and the movie, it’s increased the eagerness of these kids to read,” he said. “If we can make them lifelong readers we can make them lifelong learners.”

The Mountain View School District is located in the city of El Monte.

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